Persian Marriage Traditions

Persian relationship traditions are filled with history, significance and wonder. They are also a part of the way of life of Usa and can be appreciated by couples of all backgrounds.

Aghd (Courtship)

The first of all ceremony is termed “Aghd”. , the burkha held in a corridor with numerous guests and is also a very important area of the wedding.

There are plenty of rituals that are involved in this wedding ceremony such as asking the bride and groom if they online dating safety tips want to get into marriage contract. This iranian women is done simply by asking the bride a question three times and she is likely to answer “yes” at the third time.

Once states yes, the quantity of Mahrieh is discussed with her parents and elders. Once the amount is established itself and she gets said “yes” then the doc is agreed upon and it is legal.

Mehriyeh – Reward for the Bride

After the couple includes officially been married they are really given a gift which is called “Mehriyeh”. This product represents coverage for the bride regarding divorce in fact it is often denoted by numismatic coins.

Sofreh aghd

The sofreh aghd is an essential arrangement in Persian marriage ceremonies. This is a table which contains beautiful items and signs which are based on the union of the few.

It is added to the floor facing east and so if the couple is located in front of it they are facing sunrise or “the light”. The bride and groom’s sofreh aghd is always stuffed with flowers, sweets cones, fruits and other facts that characterize the happiness and abundance in their life in concert.

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